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How The System Works

The AKH FAS-NER SYSTEM® utilizes a unique, self-piercing rivet, called the AKH FAS-NER®.

Its design allows the FAS-NER to mount flush with the material being joined.

The AKH FAS-NER® is cylindrical in shape, having concave sides which resembles an hour glass.  The FAS-NER® serves as its own punch and is made of either hardened aluminum or high carbon steel. 

See the video for a detailed explanation:


Let us show you how the AKH FAS-NER SYSTEM® will work for you!

If you still think that welding and riveting are your only options in joining metals, here’s a system that can save you dollars and manufacturing headaches . . .


Benefits and Advantages

Compared to Spot Welding, Eliminate:

  • Plating bleed out

  • Chemical changes in metals due to heat

  • Environmental and safety hazards

  • Precleaning of metals

  • Costly touch up and refinishing

  • High utility usage and costs

  • Joint quality inconsistencies

Compared to Riveting, Eliminate:

  • Prepunching of holes

  • Excessive material handling

  • Realignment of holes during assembly

  • Higher work-in -process inventory

  • Unnecessary labor costs


  • Multiple layers of metal

  • Dissimilar thickness of material

  • Dissimilar metals

  • Precoated/Preplated assemblies

The AKH FAS-NER SYSTEM® provides:

  • Consistent quality

  • Flush mounted finish

  • Increased corrosion resistance

  • A virtual air tight and water tight joint

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance

  • Vibration resistance

  • Minimal material distortion

  • Joint strength to material tensile

  • Electrical continuity

  • Joint quality confirmed visually

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