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Which FAS-NER is right for you?


The AKH FAS-NER® is made from hardened steel or aluminum and available in a range of twenty-one standard sizes. Material with a combined thickness ranging from 0.075 inch to 0.360 inch can be joined using the AKH FAS-NER SYSTEM®.

To determine the proper FAS-NER® size for your application, select from the chart the FAS-NER® which will most closely approximate the total thickness of the materials to be joined. AKH can customize FAS-NER® sizes to meet your application needs.


If you join one sheet of 18 gauge aluminum, which is 0.0403 inch thick, to a sheet of 16 gauge steel, which is 0.0598 inch thick, you will have a combined thickness of .1001 inch. The application would call for a #4 steel FAS-NER®.

The best joint strength will result from piercing the softest and/or the thinnest material first.

Steel FAS-NERS® are available with the standard zinc chromate plating at least 0.0003 inch thick. Zinc dichromate for increased corrosion resistance, as well as other platings and coatings are available on request to meet your requirements. FAS-NERS® can also be painted to match your prepainted materials, eliminating need for post-painting operations.

Insure that your material conforms to your specifications and tolerances before selecting the proper FAS-NER® size. The FAS-NER® size is based off the total material stack up, including material tolerances.

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Which Press do you need?



If your application requirements are unique, AKH can either work with a system design manufacturer of your choice, or help custom design a single or multiple station operation to meet your needs.

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Bench Type Insertion PRESS

This series utilizes electric mechanical, air/oil, or hydraulic systems with a highly self diagnostic control module. Depending on your application, the bench type press, with it’s optional throat depth lengths, can be either robot mounted, bench mounted, or counter balanced.  The bench type presses join materials with a combined thickness up to 0.360 inches.  Specialty FAS-NER's above 0.360 inches are available upon request.


Stand Alone Insertion Press

This is a stationary floor mounted press with optional throat depth lengths and an adjustable lower arm.  It can have a vibratory bowl feed and operates on electric mechanical, air/oil, or hydraulics. Joins material with a combined thickness up to 0.360 inches.  Specialty FAS-NER's above 0.360 inches are available upon request.

Robot Mounted

Watch our video below for our robot mounted demonstration:

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