It Just Makes "Good Cents"!

Company History

Since 1981, AKH has provided the engineering and manufacturing support to the growing number of worldwide corporations who have specified the AKH FAS-NER® into the design and production of their products. We are proud to be a supplier to the automotive, trucking, appliance, leisure, electronics, communications, computer, food service, metal door, furniture, casket and medical equipment industries.

We take pride in our reputation as a leading supplier, committed to the principles of continuous quality improvements in all areas of our manufacturing and service. Our goal is to continue to produce a better quality product which is cost efficient and exceeds customer expectations in product performance.

AKH’s commitment is to be the leader in the worldwide market for metal joining processes. Our peoples’ dedication is to continuously strive for better quality products and for higher standards of service; to be in the forefront in the competition for that leadership position.

Over the past few years there has been noticeable changes to the AKH FAS-NER SYSTEMS®. Past systems were mostly single-hit systems. In today’s market, companies want to improve efficiencies and product quality as well as decrease manufacturing time and labor. Meeting these demands, our custom multiple hit and fully automated systems make up the majority of today’s AKH machine sales.

AKH is not only customizing systems, but with all applications being different, we have evolved our FAS-NERS® around our customers needs. This has produced FAS-NERS® of different lengths, coatings and painting and newly designed FAS-NERS®. An example of this is our new AKH Double-Headed FAS-NER®, adding an external head to our existing Headed FAS-NER®, excellent for thin guage applications.

By working with our customers to produce customized Systems and FAS-NERS® to meet their needs, we are solving many application obstacles.

Headquartered in Danville, Indiana, AKH with its affiliate, maintains manufacturing facilities on the East Coast and Europe, as well as in the Midwest.

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