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If you still think that welding and riveting are your only options in joining metals, here’s a system that can save you dollars and manufacturing headaches … the AKH FAS-NER SYSTEM®.

The AKH FAS-NER SYSTEM® is a fastening system that uses the self-piercing AKH FAS-NER®, a great alternative for spot welding and riveting. The AKH FAS-NER SYSTEM® is a simple punch and die operation which automatically feeds, punches, inserts and locks the self piercing FAS-NER® to produce a solid join in one high-cycle operation. The FAS-NER® from AKH can join dissimilar metals and varying thicknesses, pre-painted materials and pre-coated materials. Systems range from our standard single-hit machine to a completely automated turn-key operation in main production lines.