It Just Makes "Good Cents"!

Which Press Do You Need?

AKH offers a complete line of standard insertion presses designed exclusively to automatically feed, insert and lock the AKH FAS-NER® into your assembly.



If your application requirements are uni  que, AKH can either work with a system design manufacturer of your choice, or help custom design a single or multiple station operation to meet your needs.



Three models in this series utilizing hydraulic self diagnostic control module operating at up to 60 cycles per minute. Depending on your application, the HP Series Press, with it’s 6 inch throat depth, can be either bench mounted or counter balanced. Our HP Presses join materials with a combined thickness up to 0.360 inches. Model sizes from 5 ton to 30 ton units.


ao_pressAO SERIES

Three models in this series. Stationary floor mounted pressed with an 18 inch throat depth and an adjustable lower arm. Vibratory bowl feed. Operates on normal shop air. Joins material with a combined thickness up to 0.360 inches. Operates at cycle times up to 50 cycles per minute. Model sizes from 8 ton to 30 ton units.

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